About The Scarecrow Fest

What started out as a little idea, has quickly grown!

About Scarecrow Fest 01

In 2010, Sue Moualim of the Artistic Pony Studios, Ltd. and Susan Williams, of Solvang Third Wednesday, put their heads together to think of a great way to celebrate the Harvest and Autumn Season in Solvang. Naturally, scarecrows seemed the logical step and thus, Solvang Third Wednesday’s First Annual Scarecrow Fest was underway.

Sixty businesses joined in the fun and by October 2010, zany, quirky, sweet, traditional, Danish, spooky, crazy, and downright funny scarecrows were gracing window displays, sidewalks, and park benches as the Village of Solvang had a little celebration – much to the delight of the locals and tourists who were there for those fall months.

The hearty competitive atmosphere between the businesses and the impression of those kooky scarecrows must have been a good one, because when the 2nd Annual Scarecrow Fest came around in 2011, over 80 businesses jumped on board and more than 600 voter ballots were turned in by the population that had traveled to Solvang, to have during our warm Harvest Season.

Scarecrow Fest 02

By 2012, Scarecrow Fest had grown to such proportions that over 100 businesses participated, more than 1,200 ballots were turned in, and Solvang Third Wednesday had to expand its scarecrow categories and introduced a panel of judges because there were just too many incredible scarecrows to go around!

Today, what started out as Solvang Third Wednesday’s Scarecrow Fest has since become the Santa Ynez Valley Scarecrow Fest – expanding throughout the Valley’s five towns – so the humorous, good-natured feelings that the scarecrows impart can not only be seen in Solvang, but also in Santa Ynez, Los Alamos, Los Olivos, Buellton, and even Ballard.

Scarecrow Fest 03